Optional Judging Aids

Optional Composition Sheets

Composition FLOOR L10-Deanna Hanford
Composition FLOOR L8 L9-Deanna Hanford
Composition BEAM L10-Deanna Hanford
Composition BEAM L8 L9-Deanna Hanford
Composition BARS L10-9-8-Deanna Hanford

2018 UB, BB, FX – Lv 10 – Jan Adkins

Janette Doucette FXOPT 18-19
Janette Doucette BBOPT 18-19
Janette Doucette UPB OPT 18-19

You fill in composition examples Cindy Lord
You fill in CV examples Cindy Lord
Composition 2018 Cindy Lord

Optional Deductions and Charts

Deductions Common and Specific
General Deductions – CJ
Gym Shorthand
Leaps jumps BB
Leaps jumps FX
Salto Dismounts
Symbols BARS Large
Symbols BB Large
Symbols FX Large
UB Releases
UB Swings and Turns
Vault L6-7 Timer
Vault L8-9-10
Video Resources 

Optional Scoresheets

Score sheet L6 Bars
Score sheet L6 BB
Score sheet L6 FX

Score sheet L7 Bars
Score sheet L7 BB
Score sheet L7 FX

Score sheet L8 Bars 2 per page
Score sheet L8 Bars Lefty
Score sheet L8 Bars
Score sheet L8 BB 2 per page
Score sheet L8 BB Lefty
Score sheet L8 BB
Score sheet L8 FX 2 per page
Score sheet L8 FX Lefty
Score sheet L8 FX

Score sheet L9 Bars 2 per page
Score sheet L9 Bars Lefty
Score sheet L9 Bars
Score sheet L9 BB 2 per page
Score sheet L9 BB Lefty
Score sheet L9 BB
Score sheet L9 FX 2 per page
Score sheet L9 FX Lefty
Score sheet L9 FX

Score sheet L10 Bars 2 per page
Score sheet L10 Bars Lefty
Score sheet L10 Bars
Score sheet L10 BB 2 per page
Score sheet L10 BB Lefty
Score sheet L10 BB
Score sheet L10 FX 2 per page
Score sheet L10 FX Lefty
Score sheet L10 FX

Optional Test Prep

Level 9 Bars
Level 9 Beam
Level 9 Floor
Level 9 General
Level 9-10 Vault

Level 10 Bars
Level 10 Beam
Level 10 Floor
Level 10 General
Level 10 New Rules intro

Practice Tests

L8 Practice Test and Answer key_Updated 7.29.2018
L8 Practice Test T.Costa L8 Test

L9 Evil Level 9 Mock Test 2018-2022
L9 Practice Test correct Logo
L9 Practice Test T.Costa
L9 Practice Test with answer key_Updated 8.10.2018
L9 Test L10 2018-2022-mock-test-2

L10 No-2-2018-2022-mock-test-2
L10 No-3-2018-2022-mock-test-1
L10 Practice Test t.Costa
L10 Practice Test_and answer key Updated 7.29.2018
L10 Test