Interested in Becoming a Judge?

Where to Start

  • If you are interested in becoming a judge, please visit the Becoming a Judge page.  Read and Review all the information and contact the Education Coordinator with any questions.

  • If you have emailed us please make sure that the email address is not flagged as spam or junk mail.  Please make sure your email is set up so mail from this address does not land in your junk mail.

  • If you are interested in “testing up” (Level 7/8 or higher), you will need to purchase a copy of the JO Code of Points from USA Gymnastics.  Email our Education Coordinator for hints and tips on getting started with studying.

  • Click the link below to fill out a survey regarding becoming a judge.
    New Judges Survey

  • Click here to Get more information about becoming a judge after you complete the survey.

For more information please email