Compulsory Judging Aids

New Compulsory Study Aids (2021-2029)

Check out the Video Review of the Major Elements in Level 3 / 4 / 5 Floor & Beam by JD MacDonald 

New Compulsory Score Sheets from JD MacDonald-
Level 2 Vault Scoresheet
Level 2 Bar Scoresheet 
Level 2 Beam Scoresheet
Level 2 Floor Scoresheet
Level 3 Vault Scoresheet 
Level 3 Bars Scoresheet 
Level 3 Beam Scoresheet 
Level 3 Floor Scoresheet 
Level 4 Vault Scoresheet 
Level 4 Bars Scoresheet
Level 4 Beam Scoresheet
Level 4 Floor Scoresheet
Level 5 Vault Scoresheet
Level 5 Bars Scoresheet 
Level 5 Beam Scoresheet 
Level 5 Floor Scoresheet 
Compulsory Floor Pattern 2021-2029

New Compulsory Score Sheets from Deanna Hanford-
Basic Handspring Vault Scoresheet
Basic Level 2 Flatback Scoresheet
Basic Level 3 Vault Scoresheet
Compulsory Bar Summary
Compulsory Bar Score Sheets
Compulsory Beam Summary 
Compulsory Beam Score Sheets
Compulsory Floor Summary
Compulsory Floor Scoresheets
Compulsory Beam Timing Cheat Sheet

Level 4/5 Practice Test from Briana Hetrick
Level 4/5 Practice Test with Timer from Briana Hetrick
Level 4/5 Practice Test-Printable Version from Briana Hetrick
Study Stack Flashcards by Briana Hetrick 

Quizlet Compulsory Flashcards from JD MacDonald

Compulsory Score Sheets & Summaries

Compulsory BB Summary
Compulsory BB Score Sheets
Vault sheet Handspring
Vault sheet Flatback
Routine Times BB
General faults compulsory
General Faults & Penalties & Compulsory 1 to 5 Levels revised 6-7-17
Compulsory FX Summary
Compulsory FX Score Sheets
Compulsory UB Summary
Compulsory UB Score Sheets