Hello Southern California NAWGJ Members,

All Board Applications have been received and Processed.
We will be having an election for the following 2 Positions.

Ethics and Professionalism:
Cindy Lord
Jami Pillasch

Olivia Beltran
Savannah Ross

Election Buddy will be running our 2021 Election. You will receive All Election information by
Email on July 1st.

The following Southern California Board Positions were run unopposed:

Administrative Assistant : Emily Wensel
Secretary/Webmaster: Jaime O’Neil
Assigning Coordinator: Deanna Hanford
Education Coordinator: JD MacDonald
Events Coordinator: Crystal Gunter

The new board will take their positions on August 1st, 2021. It will be a 2 year term.
Below are the Unopposed Forms.