1.  Time to Renew & Update all Memberships and info in GymJas

  • You may start entering you availability in the GymJas system
  • Please make sure NAWGJ, USAG, Safe Sport, Safety Certification & Level are current

2.  Region 1 High Tech Development Camp at Team OC: July 27th-28th Level 8-10 gymnasts 

  • A great way to spend time getting familiar with new skills (please note worth IN-Gym credit)

3.  August 3rd & 4th Compulsory In-Gym Judging/Optional Test Prep @ National Gymnastics

  •  Please Contact Rebecca Callaway for more info
  •  3 hours of Clinic Credit Each Day

4.  Upcoming General Meeting:  August 23rd, 2019  4:30 pm  Atlas Ballroom Town & Country Hotel (In conjunction with Region 1 Congress)

  •  We will be handing out all 2018 & 2019 Service Awards
  •  Information on the upcoming season, changes to R&P, and the New Board

5. NAWGJ-SC 2019 Judges’ Cup: September 7th-8th at Team OC

  •  We will be wearing pink shirts and khaki pants, skirts or capris
  •  We are also asking everyone to bring 1 case of water or soda with them in order to help with the shopping. 
  •  Your 2020 NAWGJ membership will be paid for volunteering 1 day
  •  You will receive a gift card for volunteering a 2nd day. 

6. NAWGJ-SC Base Score Clinic: November 16th at Chapman University / Testing to be on November 17th

  •  New location & change in weekend due to Holiday calendar

7.  Please check out USAG & NAWGJ for the latest changes & updates

  •  New NTC & JO Joint meeting minutes May 20, 2019
  •  New Junior Olypmic Committee Meeting Minutes May 20-21, 2019