Hello SoCal Clubs!

I hope everyone is doing well in this very difficult time. There are many resources available to help you prepare for re-opening. The SCWGCA and AGA have worked to create a set of industry standards that meet CDC guidelines to help clubs safely re-open. Carol and JD have also made a variety videos to accompany the Gymnastics Industry Standards. The videos demonstrate facility set up, staff training and class management at AGA. USA Gymnastics has also published Club Considerations for a safe re-opening.

Considering the current COVID-19 conditions in Southern California, it is with a heavy heart that I announce the 2020 Fall Compulsory Season is cancelled. In its place is a proposed 2021 Spring Compulsory Season. Qualifying meets and State Championship dates will be announced once it is determined that Southern California has reached Stage 4 of the stay at home order. Below are several contributing factors to the cancellation of the fall season:

~With the large number of SoCal clubs unable to re-open, running a fall season will exclude them from participation.
~With varying county re-opening dates, a fall season will impact a club’s timeline to SAFELY prepare athletes to return to competition.
~With some counties already re-opened. A fall season could destabilize our community by allowing athletes who’s gyms haven’t re-opened to find gyms that are currently open.
~USA Gymnastics will begin issuing sanctions in June, but meet sites in Southern California for qualifiers as well as state championships will not be available until we reach Stage 4.
~Gymnast and spectator CDC safety requirements combined with the counties capacity restrictions will impact the financial feasibility of events.

Thank you for your understanding and support in these difficult times. Remember we are all in this together.

Peter Flores